I forgot my password / can't log in!

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Flume is not affiliated with Instagram, therefore I cannot help you with recovering access to your account. Please visit Instagram's Help Center to see your support options.

Important: Flume Pro licence codes are unrelated to Instagram or your account, and are not to be used as your password.

"Your account, device and/or IP address has been blocked"

If you receive this error when attempting to log in, your account may have been blocked from accessing Flume for potentially one of the following reasons:

  • Violating the Instagram Community Guidelines
  • Using a proxy or VPN server to bypass regional restrictions or Instagram limits
  • You previously had suspicious login attempts on your account, or contacted Instagram in the past about your account being hacked.
  • You used an automated service (eg. bots) in the past with your account.

In some instances, resetting Flume may allow you to continue using it with your account, however not in the instance where your proxy or VPN server has been blocked by Instagram. If this is the case, you must use another method to connect.

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