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How do I migrate my Mac App Store purchase?

Last Updated: Jul 07, 2017 06:25PM CEST
If you purchased Flume Pro via the Mac App Store, you can convert your purchase into a standalone licence that can be used to activate Flume Pro via our direct version. You do not need to re-purchase Flume Pro!

1. Ensure that you still have the Mac App Store version of Flume (2.4.2) in your /Applications folder. If not, click here to find out how to re-download and restore your in-app purchase before moving to Step 2.

IMPORTANT: Do not log in with the App Store version of Flume! If you log in and Flume crashes on launch, you will need to follow the workaround below to logout and continue.

2. Download the latest version of Flume from our website and launch it from your Downloads folder. Do not overwrite your copy in the /Applications folder, as the migration process will ask to do this for you on first launch (Step 5). If you accidentally overwrite your App Store version with our direct version, return to Step 1.

3. The Flume Licence Migrator will guide you through the process of creating a licence code (if it detects you purchased Flume Pro from the Mac App Store), or alternatively, it will offer you a unique discount code to purchase Flume Pro directly. If you don't see this window, you will need to manually open it. Click here to see how to begin the Licence Migrator manually.

4. After you complete the Flume Licence Migrator process successfully, you can now click "Move to /Applications" when asked. This will move the Mac App Store version of Flume into the Trash, and move the direct version into /Applications. Flume will then relaunch itself.

5. Your new licence code will be issued via email when you completed the licence migration (if previous purchase was detected).

6. Follow the instructions inside the email to activate your new licence code.

7. Now that you have your licence code and have activated it successfully, you can delete the backup copy of Flume that is on your Desktop to finish the migration process.


  • If the Licence Migrator tool fails for any reason, a backup copy of your App Store version of Flume (2.4.2) is saved to your Desktop as a backup called "Flume (App Store).app". It is safe to delete this backup when you have migrated and received your licence code email.
  • You may need to delete your App Store version (2.4.2) of Flume, as the activation link in your licence code email may actually activate a hidden feature that exists in Flume 2.4.2 (App Store). Alternatively, you can use the manual licence activation instructions.

I deleted / overwrote my Mac App Store version
If you no longer have the Mac App Store version of Flume installed, you will need to download it from the Mac App Store again, and then "Restore Purchases" before performing the steps above. See to learn how to re-download Flume from the Mac App Store, and on how to restore your in-app purchase of Flume Pro (if applicable). If you can't use the Restore Purchases feature because Flume crashes at launch, see the workaround below.

I cancelled the first-launch automatic migration
If you accidentally cancelled the automatic migration on first-launch or you never saw it, you can manually launch the Licence Migrator tool from Flume Pro preferences. Please visit our help documentation to learn how.

Crash on Launch in Flume 2.4.2

If you need to restore Flume Pro in the App Store version of Flume, but cannot due so because of a launch crash, perform the following:
  1. Turn your WiFi/Ethernet connection off so you're not connected to the internet.
  2. Launch Flume 2.4.2 (App Store).
  3. Log out of all accounts from the "Account > Logout" menu bar item.
  4. When you are back at the login window, you can turn your internet connection back on.
  5. Do not log-in again. Open Preferences > Flume Pro (via the macOS Menu Bar), and confirm your Flume Pro status is enabled. If it isn't, click "Restore Purchases" to re-enable it.
  6. Run through the migration steps above.

Important: If you use Flume in "menu bar only" mode, you will not see the Flume menu bar menu. To access Preferences, you will need to right-click the Flume menu bar icon.


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