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Why doesn't Flume have all of Instagram's features?

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2017 02:39AM CET
Flume is constantly being improved and developed to support Instagram's latest features and changes. The following Instagram features are currently in-development, or planned for development:
  • Temporary messages in Instagram Direct (in-development)
  • Stories (in-development)
  • Live video (planned)

When new features are added to the Instagram apps, it takes time for them to be added to Flume for Mac for the following reasons:
  • Features that Instagram develops and tests internally are not known by us prior to their public release. Instagram may have spent months developing certain features.
  • Flume is developed, maintained and supported by just one person, as opposed to the thousands of engineers that work at Facebook and the dedicated Instagram team of which there are approximately 100 engineers dedicated to the mobile Instagram applications and service. Customer support, marketing and all other non-development related tasks also result in delays in development.
  • Instagram secures their applications and network tightly. In certain cases, security and technical implementations by Instagram/Facebook mean it takes time to make Flume compatible, or requires additional security and technical expertise to implement.
  • Flume is developed without any inside knowledge of Facebook and Instagram's technologies and implementations, meaning lots of additional testing and discovery is required to understand how a feature has been implemented.
  • We have our own development release cycle which has no prior knowledge of what Instagram may be about to release. Our development cycles include QA testing, as well as updating thousands of localised terms for the application, Touch Bar, as well as testing of VoiceOver access for the visually impaired.
  • Generally speaking, macOS development takes longer than iOS or Android development, and there are many more factors to consider including varying input devices, network configurations, photo and video formats.

When a new feature makes its way to Instagram, we'll do our best to add support for it in a later update.

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