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Photos receive less likes/engagement

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2017 01:46AM CEST
We have discovered that a recent change by Instagram (September 2016) is causing photo uploads to not appear in searches when you have either set a location, or written hashtags in the caption. Only your followers will see your tagged posts when searching for locations / hashtags, or when browsing on the Instagram website when not logged in.
  • Users that do not follow you will not see your tagged photos when searching for locations or hashtags. This issue does not affect uploaded videos or carousel posts, or photos that were uploaded using the official Instagram mobile apps and later edited to add hashtags or tagged locations via Flume.
  • If you have a private profile, your tagged photos will never display for users that do not follow you and this issue only applies to public profiles. 
  • This is not a "shadow-ban". Your video and carousel posts remain unaffected, as do all posts you make with your account from the official Instagram mobile applications.

Instagram has posted an official statement that states:

"At the moment, we don't have the available resources to fix the hashtag search issue. You can continue to report this issue to our engineers as it's the best way to let them know about your Instagram experience."

We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing. No current workaround is available, and we encourage you to report this issue directly to Instagram.

The use of hashtags / locations in the current Instagram landscape are unfortunately abused by bots that simulate human interaction and monitor hashtags, often giving the impression that your account is more popular than it really is. However, we understand that there are some use-cases where specific hashtags may be of importance to you / your business. If this applies to your usage of Flume, you can request a refund of your Flume Pro purchase.

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